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Juilliard School New York

•Recording Engineer, Science Music Technology.

•Knowledge Skills with Logic, ProTools, Digital Performer, Reason, Cool Edit Pro, Fruity Loops. Music production, mixing, composition, arrangement and producing tracks in digital, analog, and MIDI environmentts.

Discography. Use the arrows <1/3>to see other CD's Albums. If you press on the > button located in the center of the photo it will lead you to links.

Elaine Kristin

Music for movement

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Native LAB


Cd & Compliations

Drums Vocal & Flute on Native Lab, Heather Hensons Ibex Puppertry,

Tiokasin Ghosthorse Film (On sacred Ground), John Ian (chimera), RISE NYC, No Harm Video, DJ Hell, Rise NYC, Hong Kong Counterfit, Lary Tee Gentle Electric, David J & Binary Star System, Tribalfire Euphorya,Torture Garden compilation,

Ibex Puppetry, Antigravity, Chashama Theatre, Tribalfire, Heartbeat, Intertribal Contemporary Project, Euphoria Music, Lakota Productions, Coopdanza, Dzul Dance.

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